Julian Allen
348 Cascade Drive, Fairfax, CA 94930 - (415) 721-0545 - julian@ubusys.com


A challenging role as a developer, architect, integrator and/or team leader in an environment where I can effectively contribute both my proven problem solving abilities and my experience of a broad array of IS technologies.


Wide ranging background of systems development and technical problem-solving across Windows, Web, UNIX and mainframe platforms in environments ranging from large corporations to fast-track entrepreneurial start-ups. Background includes multi-platform architecture, analysis/design/coding of business applications, development tool building, database design, software evaluation/integration and technical team management.

Background/skills at a glance:

2003 - 2007 

Consultant & open-source project contributor.

C#, MS .Net, XML, SQLite, MSAccess, SQL Server.


1999 - 2001

Web portal database architect and manager.

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, HSQL, Java/JDBC, PL-SQL.


1992 - 1999

Cross-platform development architect and technical manager.

UNIX, Perl, Korn shell, VB, Java, Oracle, Sybase (targeting a COBOL/CICS/DB2 software product).


1983 - 1992

Mainframe programmer/analyst, DBA and product manager.




2003-2007 Independent Developer/Consultant
Ubusys, Fairfax, CA

Designed and developed plug-ins and utilities using C# .Net 2.0, XML, SQLite and MS Access for GB-PVR, an open-source media center project.  These include UbuStream, a plug-in that allows Internet audio/video streams to be integrated into the GB-PVR framework, and EPGExtra, a tool to read Zap2it XML attributes and add them to the GB-PVR TV Guide program listings. Provided support and resolution of multiple technical issues for users via the GB-PVR wiki and web forums. (2005-2007)

Developed ad-hoc queries and utilities for the SPCA, Oakland, CA. Used MS Access and C#, to drill down and analyze existing donation data in the SPCA membership database. Created Excel spreadsheets that enabled a “what if” analysis capability. (2006)

Conceived, designed and developed UbuRemote, a networked web media console application for organizing and remotely controlling internet video/audio streams, using C#,  .Net and TCP/IP.  Used MS HTML Help Workshop to develop detailed online documentation. Created the Ubusys web site, using PHP and HTML. (2005-2006)

Designed a fully attributed logical database schema for Second Chance Rescue, a canine rescue charity in Novato, CA. This supported tracking and management of dogs, members and volunteers, from both connected and disconnected locations, via a web-based centralized database. (2003).


1999-2001 Senior Database Architect
Abilizer Solutions Inc., San Francisco, CA.
(Multi-site Internet HR Portal Application Service Provider)

Managed a small team of DBAs and developers supporting a Web-deployed Portal for employees of a large number of Fortune 500 companies.  Designed the database schema, comprising some 250 tables, to support the site on Sun/Solaris servers.  Developed an Oracle data access layer comprising several hundred PL/SQL packages accessed via a standardized Java/JDBC data access object from a Java presentation layer.  Coordinated a DB optimization/capacity plan for high volume access employing a robust approach to backup and disaster recovery.

Designed and developed a targeting/filtering engine, using dynamic SQL, which enabled high performance, site configurable personalized content.

Conceived and implemented a database agnostic Java/JDBC access layer for Abilizer's Portal development framework product.  This allowed transparent interchangeable support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Hypersonic SQL and other RDBMS products.  Developed conversion utilities in Perl.

Managed a team developing an executive query system using star-schema data-mart OLAP technology employing Epiphany software.

1992-1999  Senior Cross Platform Architect
Indus International Inc., San Francisco, CA.
(Enterprise Asset Management software with customers in the utilities, petrochemical and process industries)

Designed and developed tools to migrate PassPort, the company's software product, from an MVS CICS/DB2 environment to alternate platforms including UNIX, NT and OS/2. These included a Windows/TCP-IP based client/server workbench for program development on UNIX hosts and a Perl/Korn Shell SQL translator enabling DB2 access modules to operate against Oracle or Sybase tables.  Led a small cross platform migration team targeting HP/UX, AIX, DEC OSF/1, Sequent/Dynix and NT operating systems.

Built Perl translation tools to fast track a Visual Basic client/server project. These involved mass changes to hundreds of VBF and VBX files requiring in-depth knowledge of VB internals.

Headed up a small team exploring technology enhancement opportunities for the existing legacy product.  These included Java/SQLJ stored procedures, XML/XSL, NLS and DBCS deployment, e-commerce interfaces, etc.   Developed a Perl translator to convert existing COBOL/DB2 data access modules into Java stored procedures utilizing embedded SQLJ (targeting Oracle, DB2, etc.).


1990-1992  Senior Database Architect
TENERA L.P., Berkeley, CA.
(Maintenance management software targeting the utilities industry)

Provided DB2 support for design, development and implementation of the company's IBM mainframe software package.  Designed and coded a DB2 development workbench which automated many of the DB2 programming and administration tasks, using ISPF/TSO and REXX.  Implemented a CICS/DB2 workstation development environment, integrating XDB, MicroFocus CICS and COBOL to allow the downsizing of development targeted at mainframe CICS/DB2.


1988-1989  Senior Technical Consultant
Peter R. Johnson & Associates., Greenbrae, CA.
(Retail management software house)

As a Development Manager, had responsibility for groups developing large-scale DB2/CICS systems and workstation-based query systems in the area of retail management software.  Developed QRS/PC, an EDI interface to Quick Response Services online UPC code catalog.  Later, as a DB2 Database Administrator supporting new product development, developed data models, online and batch DB2 error handlers, SQL coding standards and DB2 object naming standards, in addition to day-to-day database maintenance and tuning.


1986-1988  Programmer/Analyst
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co., San Rafael, CA.
(Insurance underwriting)

Participated in the analysis, design and coding of an online insurance underwriting system utilizing IMS DB/DC as well as DB2.  Developed both process and data models.  Designed and coded both DB2 and DL/1 access modules for a recursive cross-reference database.


1983-1986  Programmer/Analyst/Manager
Crocker National Bank, San Francisco, CA.
(Facilities management and property development)

After 2 years involved in the analysis, design and development of a large online COBOL system, was appointed manager of a departmental MIS group, with responsibility for both development and operation of Crocker's facilities management applications in both WANG minicomputer and PC LAN environments.



.Net, C#, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SQLite, MySQL, MS Access, JDBC, Visual Studio, ER/Studio, TOAD, HTML Workshop, CVS, CICS, IMS, MVS/TSO, TCP/IP, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, UNIX.


C#, Perl, Java, UNIX Shell, PL/SQL, Visual BASIC, COBOL, REXX, CLIST.


·         Object Oriented Design.  UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco, CA

·         DIS Database Theory/Practice.  IBM Corporate Education Center, Thornwood, NY.

·         CICS/6000 Implementation, IBM Training Center, Dallas.

·         DB2 Database Administration. IBM Training Center, San Francisco.

·         DB2/SQL Analysis, Design & Programming.  Atre International, San Francisco.

·         Structured Systems Analysis & Design.  McDonnell Douglas, San Francisco.

·         Computer Programming.  Computer Learning Center, San Francisco.  Graduated with Distinction.

·         BA in Journalism.  Cardiff College of Technology and Commerce, Cardiff, Wales.

 Published Software

·           ACALC  (area calculation postprocessor for AutoCAD  (TM)) - Allen & Rinella 1984.

·           FastTrack  (project cost control system) - Canterbury Systems 1985.

·           CCS  (cash control system to feed GL systems) - Canterbury Systems 1986.

·           TargDb (targeting/filtering engine for web content personalization) – PerksAtWork Inc. (co-patentee) 2000.

·            UbuRemote (web media remote control console) – Ubusys 2005.

·            UbuStream (web media enablement plug-in for GB-PVR) – Ubusys 2005-2007.

·            UbuRadio (streaming audio plug-in for GB-PVR) – Ubusys 2007.

·           EPGExtra (XML program guide enhancement tool for GB-PVR) – Ubusys 2006.

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